Allstar Node 46603 Hub – K4JFB-L

I am now operating an Allstar Hub that handles all of the node scheduling. Allstar Node 46603 is the K4JFB Allstar Hub. Allstar node 46475 is now the node I have my local radio connected to and still operates as a simplex node with limited reach in Cape Coral, FL.  Currently operating on 445.755 tone 127.3 at very low power so it likely can’t be reached outside of my neighborhood. The long term plan is to make this node available to more amateurs in the SW Florida area. In the meantime I am experimenting with the node and looking at what other nodes I would want to connect to.

Note: The K4JFB Allstar Hub is connected to Echolink (K4JFB-L) but is configured to not accept incoming connections via Echolink. The HUB node does accept Allstar Telephone Portal connections for verified Allstar users. This will connect a node labeled as “CALLSIGN-P” [example: K4JFB-P]. If you connect into the HUB using this method it is requested that use function access rather than voice access to prevent unwanted transmissions from your connection. Function access will require you to dial *99 to transmit and then # to stop transmitting. To use the telephone portal you can dial the following in the United States: 17632300000,,,46603#,1,XXXXXXXXXX,2 (replace the X’s with your Allstar User Security PIN). For quick access this can be addded as a contact in your phone. If the telephone portal access is abused I will disable it in the future, but for now it is a convenient method to gain access to the HUB node.

Telemetry is disabled so the node is not adding noise or traffic to any other connected nodes, so there are no announcements of your connection into the system.

Node Status
Can not find info for node 46603