MD380 Codeplug for SW Florida Repeaters & OpenSpot

SharkRF OpenSpot Codeplug

The Codeplug for OpenSpot and SW Florida Repeaters is below. These files will help you to program a TYT MD 380 DMR radio for use in SW Florida and with a SharkRF OpenSpot.

MD 380 Programming Software

MD380 Programming Software

Codeplug for SW Florida Repeaters & OpenSpot

Note: Installing this will wipe the current programming on your MD380. I recommend making a backup of your current configuration if you want to be able to revert back to it.

Codeplug for access to SW Florida repeaters and OpenSpot for MD 380 radio.

  • OpenSpot configuration set at 432.5500 MHz simplex
  • OpenSpot Zones for TAC, States, World, Testing. Zone OS 1 is my frequently used Zone channel list. The OS World Zone needs enhancements and is currently very basic in version 1.4
  • SW Florida Repeater portion and individual contacts are based on the codeplug from KR4PI, a member of the FMARC. A big thank you to KR4PI for his help!
  • This version will allow easy access to the repeaters in Collier, Lee, and Charlotte Counties in South West Florida.
  • Note: NQ6U Cactus repeater is currently offline in Fort Myers, FL.

Instructions on how to install on a MD 380.

If you find anything is incorrect or not working please let me know and I will update the programming. If you have any talkgroups you would like access to through the OpenSpot that are not already configured you can request those through my contact form and I will get them added in. You can also send me general comments or feedback through my contact form.

My vision is to make DMR as easy for anyone to get onto as possible, so please share any improvements or recommendations. Once I heard digital radio quality I realized that DMR is something very unique and has the possibility of being a mode that can help a new generation of hams get excited about the possibilities of using the airwaves.