DMR – Mobile Setup

Here is my mobile DMR setup so I don’t need to rely on a local DMR repeater.

1.) Mobile phone as the hotspot (not pictured) You can use an Android or an iPhone. I am using T-Mobile so there are no extra costs associated to using my phone as a Hotspot.

2.) SharkRF OpenSpot

3.) TP-Link N300 Wireless Wi-Fi Nano Travel Router (setup in client mode to bridge the hotspot wifi connection to the OpenSpot, follow the instructions for client mode that come with the TP-Link N300 to setup the connection with your phone hotspot)

4.) Brightech SCORPION [10,000 mAh USB battery pack, can also charge battery pack and operate the 2 USB ports while charging as a pass through. I also already had this in the garage for when I used to need it to jump start an old motorcycle. The Suzuki GZ 250 has been traded up so this isn’t needed for the new bike. I am sure other USB battery packs will work, and many are slimmer and would fit into the case better than this one.)

5.) XS Series Power Capxule Case (minor tweaking/cutting to the foam insert necessary for the OpenSpot)

6.) MD 380 (not pictured) You can use any DMR radio with this mobile setup.


1.) Turn hotspot on phone*

2.) Press power button on the battery pack

3.) Turn on MD 380 and enjoy DMR

Note: The battery pack I have choosen has a button to power it on, but that same button does not power it off. You must unplug the two USB cables from the battery pack and let it sit for about 30 seconds for the battery pack to power off. If I run across a slim high capacity battery pack with an on/off switch that can also be used as power passthrough I will swap this portion of the mobile setup out.

* I use an Android phone and an app called Tasker to automate functions that can be triggered (I am not aware of an iPhone tool that provides the level of automation that Tasker provides on Android). I have a Tasker profile that turns my HotSpot on my phone when the phone connects to the Bluetooth in my truck. This profile then disables the Hotspot when I turn my truck off (bluetooth connection is lost to the truck). So, for this mobile setup I open the bag and simply press the power button on the battery pack and am connected in about 30 seconds.