How to install a codeplug on the MD 380

How to Install instructions for Windows 

  1. Download the MD 380 Programming Software v 1.32 
  2. Download the SW FL & Openspot Codeplug file 
  3. Extract the file (This is the file downloaded for MD 380 Programming)
  4. Run the CPS MD380 Setup v1.32.exe file to install the programming software
  5. Turn MD 380 Off
  6. Plug the USB cable for your MD 380 into the radio and then into your computer
  7. Turn MD 380 On
  8. Launch the installed CPS MD380 v.132 software
  9. In the applications menu choose open and select the Codeplug file (the ends with a .rdt extension)
  10. Click “General Settings”
  11. Enter your Call as the Radio Name
  12. Enter your DMR ID Number. If you do not have a DMR ID you will need to register for one at the DMR-MARC website.
  13. Go to File –> Save
  14. Go to Program –> Write Data (Your MD 380 will reboot once the data has been written)
  15. Turn MD 380 Off
  16. Unplug USB cable from MD 380
  17. Turn MD 380 on and enjoy!