K4JFB – Jeff’s Amateur Radio Experiments

This is the Amateur Radio website for K4JFB based in SW Florida. I am a new ham radio operator and am very interested in bridging radio communications with VOIP. The radio setup currently being operated is a Baofeng F8HP with a Slim J-pole antenna hanging in a window, and a magentic mount antenna on the truck. The digital radio is a TYT MD 380 with an OpenSpot running at home and as a mobile rig. The antenna setup needs improvement and is on my list of projects to complete once the heat takes a break so I can get an antenna in the attic.

DMR (Digital Mobile Radio) was introduced to me and I saw an opportunity to get more involved without dealing with my limited antenna issue. The TYT MD 380 radio and OpenSpot fit well into my interest of bridging ham radio with VOIP. DMR is essentially taking the digital transmission and then connecting locations (repeaters & hotspots) around the globe through a distributed network online. The Brandmeister Network has made this process relatively simple and is helping DMR to takeoff by providing powerful tools for anyone to use. As a new operator Brandmeister has provided a robust network of repeaters and hotspots to explore allowing me to contact people all over the world with a very basic setup. Currently my radio is often tuned to USA Nationwide 3100 as it is a very active talk group with people from all over the nation connecting, and occassionaly folks from all over the world.

K4JFB’s Current Projects:

K4JFB On The Air

  • DMR codeplug for the MD-380 that works for SW Florida repeaters and OpenSpot
  • Mobile DMR rig
  • MD-380 custom firmware installation instructions
  • Allstar Node
  • Echolink Node
  • Attic Antenna
  • Truck antenna mounted to hood L mount
  • Broadband-Hamnet
  • Learning, learning, learning. Hopefully participating in the FMARC meetings.